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Nothing Better Than…..

Hi everyone!
Nothing better than a cold lime verbena and mint tea for Violet in summer days

And nothing better than taking a nap in a cool place for me!


Hot, Hot ,Hot summer!

Hi everyone !
Recently it is really getting hot here, unusual summer and never had experienced like this hot summer before! Very difficult to go out even for short minutes!
Violet is saying outside is hot, hot ,hot all the time and taking iced drink ( I think too much ! ) to keep cool !!!!
While she was drinking her iced tea today, she had sketched it for today’s item .
” Violet , iced drink is fine but don’t take too much sweets ! You know better what will happen to you ……! ”
” Malus, it is nice to have them sometimes , relaxing brain ! ”
” Relaxing brain!!!???? It is just a excuse for eating sweets , isn’t it? Just do like I do. You can keep cool your body and mind and it is the best way for relaxing , look…”



Hi everyone!
Here is sunflowers that I talked about them yesterday !

They are really biiiiig !!!

Quick sketch

Hi everyone !
Malus has slept now , deep sleep , sometimes snoring !!! 😃
So today no assistance for me !!! 😁
I’ve bought sunflowers somedays ago and today made a quick sketch of them . I will try to sketch them again in little bit more details , later !
And here is Malus in his bed ! 😃❤



Hi everyone !
Violet has bought sunflowers today and a quick sketch of one them .
This one is Teddy Bear Sunflower , many petals on that .

I think I feel sleepy today !
Have an wonderful weekend , everyone ❤

Summer veg.

Hi everyone !
Today Violet ‘s friend has presented her fresh summer vegetables from her garden ! Violet is so excited !!!! Eggplants already are cooked for dinner . Simply cooked with olive oil and cheese for topping !

“Sniff , sniff! Summer veg? I think not so good for me! “


Hi everyone !
Today it was really hot here! Nothing better than shades when you are outside ! And here is the place that Violet prefer to have a walk in all season !
And here is me with a new shade for my body !!!!!


Summer in my hand!!!

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is not about places, flowers, foods!
Today’s sketch is her hand , no, better to say her nails covering in summer color !
Ah , ladies, you are so lucky to enjoy colors even on your nails!!!!!

“By the way Violet, can you polish and put the same color on my nail too!!! ”
” (°_°)………!!!!!”

Shells , again !

Hi everyone!
Violet has sketched shells for today again!
“Violet do you have to plan to draw all these shells ???? ”

” haha , Don’t worry , Malus ! Tomorrow I will sketch a new item ! 😃”

Another Shell

Hi everyone !
Here is another shell sketch for today ! It’s in frame and had decorated in room now❤
Violet let me see that shell , pleeeeeesssseee!