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My story!


Hi everyone !

Today , Violet draw my homeland , Qatar ( Doha city) .

The sketch above is a place called “Corniche” ,where violet and her family found me!

Here is my story;

Violet and her family moved to Qatar, Doha on 2005 because of Violet’s husband’s job .

One evening, they went to restaurant for dinner and on the way to home, they decided to have a walk along Corniche, seaside . (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doha_Corniche)

When Violet and her family got out of the car and started walking, they found some kids kicking a small black little thing.  They couldn’t identify the black thing, but when they got closer, they found out that it was a smaaaaaal , bony kitten, witch didn’t have any power to cry !!!!!

That kitten was ME!  Violet’s daughters held me immediately and looked for my mum but no cat around.

They’d decided to take me home and took care of me ! I  was happy and felt safe when they carried me into their car. I was so tired and felt hungry, too, but I fell asleep when I was taken to a car’s soft and warm sofa.



This is the first photo of me on that night.

I drank warm milk when I got to Violet’s home. After that I became drowsy and slept again without any fear❤

(Will continue!)