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I bought this rose today ‚̧ she is shining on my table nowūüėɂ̧

Flowers on my table


Red Roses


Red roses (coloured pencil)

My Little Garden’s Rose‚úŅ


This summer is really hot as I told before and I was worrying for my roses in my little garden but almost everyday I can find a new blossom and bloomed one! They are so tough more than I was thinking and I’m so happy to see new colours everymorning‚̧

Here is one of my roses blossom that show me her face this morning(^_^)„ÄÄWanted to share with all of you through my sketch(^_^)/

Rose Bath Salt


For today I sketched my handmade rose bath salt. Chose roses with strong fragrance from my little garden and just mixed roses petals  with bath salts.

Rose Du Barry(Rose Pompadour)


I grow various English or French roses in my little garden. This season is the best time to enjoy them .

Here is what i got for today.Rose du barry or Rose Pompadour, French rose .By cultivation and  hybridizing the number of petals is greatly increased and the natural perfume enhanched.