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Autumn leaf


Hi everyone!
After 3 days , at least Violet posts her sketch!!! Another autumn leaf. She is collecting leaves and sketch them! She says everyday leaves colors are different and new!

“Violet , don’t you think recently your absences are getting more and more ? ”
“I know Malus. But you’ve seen me were busy , having gusts, friends gatherings …..”
” Violet, don’t make excuse and do your home works !!!!”
“YES, SSSSSIRRR!!!! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ”
Hi everyone, this is Violet😃
Recently little bit busy and unfortunately less time for sketching! Also miss to visit your blogs too❤️
Will be there whenever I have time. ❤️
Have a great day dear friends.😃



Hi everyone!
This mix color camellia flower is what Violet has found today!
Violet, how about the smell? Let me see too.



Hi everyone!
Last 3 days Violet was very busy and couldn’t post her sketches! Fortunately today it was ok ! I can do job too!!!
By the way, recently it’s getting cold here and I like to sit on Violet’s foot and take a nap as I do ever year in this seasons!

“Violet, what is this photo? Where is my face!?”
” You are sitting on my foot and how can I took a photo from your face??? But don’t worry , I took another cute photo, Malus.”


Autumn leaves

Hi everyone !
Here is another sketch of autumn leaves that Violet did today.
” Violet , how any leaves are you going to sketch ? ”

” Well, 1,2, 3,………😁”


Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is an american beauty berry , Calliparca. They are turning to autumn mood now.
And me, under autumn sunshine , taking a gooooooood sleep and has turned to autumn mood as well!!!!!!


Birthday present !

Hi everyone !
Violet had made this flower box for her friend’s birthday yesterday and before taking to her home , she took a photo to sketch it later! So here is today’s Violet sketch : a flower box ❤️
” Violet , when is my birthday ? Will you present me something too ? ”

” well, it is little bit sad Malus but when I found you I guess it was two weeks after you born ! So I don’t know the exact day but it is on August .when we took you for medical check after we found you , the doctor asked us to chose for you a birthday and girls chose August . 21 !
One day after my marriage Anivversary !!!! Hahaha!
By the way Malus, did you forget about that toy mouse on your birthday ? Last year it was a new mat ! And before that …..”
” ok, ok , I understand Violet ! Would like to have another new box for my next year birthday ! ”
” (°_°)……………………”

Cape Gooseberry

Hi everyone !
As you know , Violet had posted cape gooseberry sketch before . She was waiting for flowers get dry because only skeleton would remain.
Today she found what she was expecting !

And I , still not so eager to play with this dragonfly !!!!!!!