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Before August ends…

Hi dear friends, 

It has been a long time again since Violet has posted anything.(Not even a photo of me!) 🐾

Well she was very busy. I know that. Last month we had a surprise. Violet’s daughter came back from the States to visit us. It was really a huge surprise!! 🙀 I will never forget Violet’s face when she opened the door and saw her. 😸 Boy how she screaaaaamed!!???? And even for a while she got so confused and was talking to me in English, Japanese, and Persian!( Although I know all of those languages!!!) 🙀😺

I was so glad to see her after 3 years, honestly I missed her caresses and rubs, playing with her, sleeping on her bed and sometimes biting her feet in the middle of the night!!…. And above all I missed her brushing my hair every morning….. 😻 


She has already left and gone back to the States but I’m already missing her and I can see Violet feels sad too but I’m trying my best to keep her happy. Anyway, before the end of the month I’d like to show you her August wreath and her oil painting for this month.

Have a great weekend , coming week dear friends❤️🐾❤️

Old painting!


Hi everyone!

Today Violet was very busy !   Violet and her daughter went out for shopping from morning and  coming back in the evening! She looks busy for preparing dinner and talking to herself ,”ah, no time for   today’s sketch ! ”

So she didn’t sketch for today but she chose her old painting photo !  She drew this painting when she was university student . At that time she used to do oil paintings .

Her oil paintings are decorated in her parents home now and she took this photo last summer when she visited there(=^ェ^=)


Dont be lazy Violet! You should sketch for tomorrow!!!