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Lemon verbena

Hi everyone!
Today Violet sketched lemon verbena in flowers of her little garden.
In this season lemon verbena in flowers is little bit strange as Violet says!
Today she made a hot drink with them and lemon and honey! It looks yumm but she didn’t share with me! Instead of that she gave me this new mouse!
Hummmmmm, not so interesting toy!


Tea Party♡


Hi everyone !

Violet has arranged a tea party for today! She has baked cheese cake too(=^ェ^=)

would be happy to share with all of you dear friends ❤

(Doron , Poppy don’t be late😃 . Doron  , you can have a hot lemon tea too😃)


“Don’t worry Malus , you can have some cheese too! “

Today’s Tea!


I love to put a slice of orange  or lemon or mint in my tea sometimes❤  Today’s tea was with orange ❤  which one do you prefer with tea? 😃

Tea Time


Here is what I sketched for today😃Lemon and sage tea ,perfect for a cold day❤