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Spring leaf!

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is May leaf image.
And here is a photo of me match the sketch ( both are in the frame!!!!)



Have a wonderful weekend dear friends❤️

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Autumn !

Hi everyone !
Violet has sketched another little autumn for today !
Colorful leaves, autumn flowers , autumn fruits , autumn clouds, cold breeze in the morning and night , having hot coffee in the morning that makes you feel warm , ….. Many autumn signs around !
How about you dear friends , what you think about autumn signs ?


Colorful leaves

Hi everyone!
Here is Violet today’s sketch . The colorful leaves plant that she had found yesterday!

Here is me , feel sleepy today! I will go to take a nap !


Autumn in June??!!

Hi everyone!
Today was raining again ! Violet couldn’t stay at home and she went for a walk . When she came back, she had some beautiful plants in her hand! She made a quick sketch of leaf for today (=^ェ^=)
“Violet, Do you know the name of this plant ? ”
” Unfortunately no! But leaves color are fantastic ! Colorful as autumn leaves❤ I will draw whole plant tomorrow😃”

“By the way Violet , it was rainy today ,you had a walk outside but I didn’t . So let’s have a walk with me!!! Me in the box !!!! Pleaaaaseeee!!”


“Ok, ok , Malus. Sit there and put your sit belt!!!!! 😁”

Colourful leaves


colorful leaves are falling down everyday and paint the ground in beautiful colours❤ I went for driving around and found this view . A river full of colorful leaves😃❤

Autumn leaves


I’m enjoying to find new shape or colour leaves everyday! And can’t stop sketching them!!!!

So here what I sketched today :Autumn leaves again 😊🍂🍁

Autumn leaf