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Hydrangea 2

Hi everyone!
Violet has found another beautiful hydrangea while she had a walk today !
Here is a quick sketch of that !
And also , she has bought for me this toy! But I don’t know why I have to keep it on my head!!!!!




Hi dear friends !

It is June and time to enjoy hydrangea flowers . Violet bought this blue one today and a quick sketch !
While she was sketching , I was doing my job in balcony !

” What kind of job , Malus? ! You mean sleeping ???? ”


“What ? Did you say something!!!!! “

Blue Hydrangea


It is Hydrangea flowers season here. Many type of this flower  in many colours  are blooming now and I will try to sketch some of my favorites colours or shape before their season finish(^_^)

Today I sketched Blue one and actually I love blue hydrangea most❤