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Hi everyone!

I’m back from holiday (^_^)/ I spent wonderful time beside my family and  for me it was too short holiday!

wish you all had an wonderful time too during those days…..

For today , I draw this sketch for my husband ! Today is our wedding anniversary and this is one our photo that has taken at our wedding(^_^)

Cuenca ,Spain


Hi Everyone!

I will take two weeks holiday and just a short trip! Where I will go is little difficult to post my sketches because of Internet connection sometimes!

But I will sketch (I hope everyday!) and will post them later(^_^)/

See you soon,


Chiesa della Salute (Venice )


Sketching another memory of where I traveled before. I think I my best memories in abroad is here in Venice,Italy with my husband. We had a trip there on winter but everyday was sunny and warm. Staying there for 5 days and after that moved to Roma and also Milan,spending Christmas there and I never forget those good memories(^_-)-☆