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Hi everyone !
Here is last night Violet cooking ! Mackerel with fennel stuffing .
Simple but healthy and tasty ! She loves using herbs specially for fish cooking !

“Can I have some , Violet ? “

Today’s cooking !

Hi everyone !
Here is today’s Violet cooking and sketch !
Shepherds ‘Pie with savory and thyme .
How wonderful was if she could share it with all of you , dear friends .

” by the way Violet , it smells good ! Can I have some too ??? “

Lemon Balm Tea

Hi everyone !
Today when I woke up , very good smell around!
It was lemon balm tea smell that Violet was making . Using her little garden lemon balms and lemongrass leaf .
When it get ready ,she add sliced lemon and ice! I’m sure she enjoyed that because her face was telling me it tastes good!!!!

“Violet , can I have some too ???!! “

Lady Mantle


Hi everyone !

Today’s sketch is Violet garden’s Lady Mantle leaf and it’s  small flowers(=^ェ^=)


And , this is me again , rellllllaaaaaaaxing under sunshine!

Doron Green Tea!


Doron, an artist in WordPress(Doronart.wordpress.com) explain about his green tea in my “Today’s Tea”post .He normally likes his tea with ginger but it seems he prefer today’s tea with a slice of lemon swimming inside! 😃 I’m sending you a brunch of mint too just because they are so nice with lemons😃

Tea Time


Here is what I sketched for today😃Lemon and sage tea ,perfect for a cold day❤

Mexican Sage


Mexican sage is very popular in this season and can find it in many gardens blooming in beautiful purple flowers😃