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Herb Tea For Doron!

Hi everyone!
Today Violet is sending a special herb tea with scones to Doron ( great artist : http://doronart.wordpress.com ) , one of Violet’s friend in WordPress. Recently he cannot drink his favorite dark coffee because of some reasons and Violet thought maybe a cup of herb tea ( from her little garden) would be great😁
Hope you get better dear Doron😃
And also she wish she could arrange this herb tea gathering with all you dear friends too😃


Today’s Tea!


I love to put a slice of orange  or lemon or mint in my tea sometimes❤  Today’s tea was with orange ❤  which one do you prefer with tea? 😃

Leave from my little garden



In my little garden ,herbs are growing well. Best season for making herb tea with fresh leaf.here is what I draw today!  (of course Ivy is not herb ! just for sketching!)