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Hi everyone!
First of all happy October to all of you!
This week I’ve received a bad news. My grandpa pass away and it makes me so sad…..
I’m living far from my homeland and so sad that I couldn’t visit him frequently and even for his funeral ceremony.
He was 84 and what I remember about him is his smile, kindness and really good memories with him.
I’m so sad that I couldn’t say goodby to him but his good memories will carry on in my heart and will never forget him😔
Today’s painting is one of my old painting for him


Hi everyone !
This is violet 😃 Today I’ve bought this beautiful dahlia! I love this flower and it reminds me my grandpa and his garden . He had many kinds of dahlia in his garden and they were really beautiful , biiiig and colorful ❤ I was so excited to see them blooming and every time grandpa gave me some of them …..
Now, when I find those beautiful flowers in flower shop , I definitely buy one and remember those beautiful memories ❤