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Milk & Sugar jar

Hi everyone!
Violet has spent a very busy ( but fun!)days this week. Her hubby has came back from abroad and has taken one week holiday so almost everyday going out for driving, walking, enjoying spring warm weather.
Today’s sketch is a quick sketch of milk and sugar jar in a caffe!
HuM? MILK? Milk? Can I have too?

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!❤️



Hi everyone!

Violet chose a photo of nature for today’s sketch!  She took it last year, spring  when she went for driving to little bit far from where she lives!

And this is me little bit far from where violet sit!!!!!!!!!(=^ェ^=)


Just a fine day!

Hi everyone!
Today was a warm , a fine day for driving ! Violet has found this view for today’s sketch(=^ェ^=)

And a fine day for me too❤

Colourful leaves


colorful leaves are falling down everyday and paint the ground in beautiful colours❤ I went for driving around and found this view . A river full of colorful leaves😃❤

Autumn view sunset


Had a drive today and I found beautiful sunset view ! so I found my today’s item for sketching😃