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Can’t concentrate……

Hi everyone!
This is Violet. Not a sketch and not so good news for today!
The day before yesterday night, Malus had no willing to eat his food. And yesterday just little! I took him to the vet this morning and veterinary surgeon made a quick blood, urine test and x ray. Unfortunately liver function test value was not so good. The surgeon asked for more detailed tests and also said Malus must have IV quickly.
So he is staying in hospital now😢 And maybe for more days😢 I will have the result tomorrow and will informed about how many days he has to stay there( just praying for his health and his quick return to home)

Malus is a calm cat at home but hate to go outside specially vet!
When he saw his special carrying bag, he got where I’m going to take him and immediately hide behind his box! And when the Surgeon wanted to see him ,he turned to a LION!!! (I think! )And 4 nurses to keep him calm!
Screamiiiiiiiiiinnnnnggggggggggg ……….
And I had to left him there……. 😢😢😢
So this is the reason that I cannot concentrate to sketching.
Waiting for his return to home, in healthy condition❤️❤️❤️
He is my best sketch partner!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Here is his face in the car, little nervous!