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Carnations for Mums! ❤️

 Hi everyone , 

Hi after one week! ( or more?😊) busy days , some guests, ……  And unfortunately no chance for blogging!

Also, I have to take another 3 weeks holiday because from next week I’m going to visit my homeland for my sister wedding😍☺️

I’m so excited and glad to visit my parent and family after years😊

“Whaaaaaaattt, Violet ? Are you going to leave me alone?”

 “Ah,sorry Malus! I have to😔! But your are not alone and my hubby and girl are beside you☺️ I’m sure they will take a good care of you❤️. Honestly I will miss you😔”


“Ok, I think I should give the permission!!”

“Thank you sir!😁”

Dear freinds ,

It is little bit soon but a sketch for Mother’s Day😊 

My best wishes and wonderful days for all of you❤️ 

Will see you on June❤️



On the table!!! 


Hi everyone! 

For today a quick sketch of flowers on the table🐾

Pink carnations🐾


And here is me on the table too! 🐾




Hi everyone!

Today  was a cloudy , cold day!  strange weather this year as Violet is saying!!! Yesterday ,it was warm and nice ,today again need heater!!!

By the way , I would like to introduce you my lovely heater(=^ェ^=)


Violet’s computer!!! Ah , I love that waaaarrrm breeze from back side of computer! specially     In winter it works as stove for me!!!

“Malus ,how about my sketch? Any explanation ????”

“ok, ok ! Here is today’s Violet sketch.  Carnation .”




Just a very quick sketch from carnations that I bought today!  Tried to use new coloring technique for flowers 😊Without going to details for petals just a rough sketch😃

Purple Carnations



Found those purple carnations in flower shop and fell in love with those deep purple colour❤ Bought and arranged them with some other flowers and found my today’s subject for sketching😊

Happy Mother’s Day


With love to all  mothers in the world.

Happy Mother’s Day.