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Quick sketch🎨


Hi everyone, 

Here is a quick sketch of Violet today’s lunch! 

“Hummmmm, Violet is there any food like that for me too!??” 


Pretzel Croissant

Hi everyone!
Violet has sketched today’s morning bead, pretzel croissant!
” and I took a photo of you Malus, posing like Pretzel croissant but in other colors!😁”


Dear friends,
My apologies for not visiting your blogs or sometimes late answering to your kind comments😔
I’ve started to study my favorite major for short term and getting back to school life (after many years, again😁). So sometimes no time for blogging and visiting you😔. But I will whenever I get a chance😃
I’m sure Malus will keep his eyes on me to do all my homework, blogging …..😃 He is an experienced BOSS! 😁


Hi everyone!
This is tonight appetizer, tartines with tuna,egg,cherry tomatoes and thyme❤️ Violet says it is perfect with white wine!
“Snifffffffff,sniiiiiiifff , it smells good Violet! Can I have some! ❤️”

” which one Malus? You want wine or tartine???😁”

Violet’s Favorite !

Hi everyone !
Today I would like to introduce you Violets’s favorite things !
Pretzel ( she looooooooooves that )

Aaaaaaaand ,
My tummy ! (She uses it as pillow sometimes !!!!! )