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Quick sketch !


Hi everyone !
Today’s Violet sketch is quick sketch of a caffe near her home .
Also 5 min sketch of a bicycle and before she finished sketching , the owner left with bicycle !


Another quick sketch !

Hi everyone !
Last time I was slept and couldn’t attend to my job in WordPress !!!!!!
So today I’ve tried my best to get my eyes open and wait for Violet to post her new sketch !
She has sketched a quick one again on the way she was coming back to home ! She said she had to do it so quick otherwise would melt in outside , under hot sun !!!!!

” And , Violet , I’m happy you haven’t melted!!!!! Otherwise I’ve loose my job again !!!!!! ”


One day delay , again !!!!

Hi everyone !
Violet’s today sketch is what she found near her home !
Again one delay ! Honestly I was ready for posting but seems Violet was busy to sketch !

“Violet , do your sketches everyday as I told you before too!”
” yessss,sssssiiiirrr! !(^_−)−☆”