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Quick sketch

Hi everyone!
Toda@&?#$%ys Vio#@;let(he is speaking while he is biting his toy!!!!) is a quick&):(0〆 sketch of her dessert in cafe!
“And guess what was that Malus! A hot apple tart😁”

“Whaaaattttt!!!sweets again! ”



Hi everyone!
After many days absence , Violet has come back to sketching! I was ready for reporting but IT SEEMS she was busy!!!
Violet, don’t disturb my job!!!!


Pretzel Croissant

Hi everyone!
Violet has sketched today’s morning bead, pretzel croissant!
” and I took a photo of you Malus, posing like Pretzel croissant but in other colors!😁”


Dear friends,
My apologies for not visiting your blogs or sometimes late answering to your kind comments😔
I’ve started to study my favorite major for short term and getting back to school life (after many years, again😁). So sometimes no time for blogging and visiting you😔. But I will whenever I get a chance😃
I’m sure Malus will keep his eyes on me to do all my homework, blogging …..😃 He is an experienced BOSS! 😁

Petit paintings!

Hi everyone !
Today Violet has sketched two petit paintings!

Whattttt!!! Who are those black cats, Violet!


Quick sketch!

Hi everyone!
For today, a quick sketch of Violet snack!
” 1,2,3,4,….. Violet, I think you eat much more than this sketch! Seeds and prunes in sketch are not same!!!”


Quick sketch

Hi everyone!
For today, a quick sketch in café before coffee get cold!
And here is me in relax mood!!!!


Vienna Coffee!

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is another memory of Vienna! Violet says ,when you go to Vienna, you definitely will order for Vienna coffee!
” I can’t understand! Dose the coffee really taste good !? Anyway, I prefer to have sunshine more than coffee!”


Violet’s snack!

Hi everyone!
Nice weather, sunshine,home……

“Mmmmm ,what are you doing Violet!?”

“Nothing! Sketching and having my snack!😁”


” Violet, do you know the meaning of “WEIGHT”???”


Hi dear friends!

Where is here? It is the way coming back to home❤️
Today I had another blood test ,not so bad but still not normal!
Will have a check for next week again!

Hi every one!
Today Malus had another blood test and the result was really much better than before❤️ the vet told me it is not from his liver straightly. It is because of his gallbladder seems little bit swollen and it effects to his liver.
He said recently it becoming very popular among dogs and cats and still nobody knows the exact reason! The most things that vets are thinking about that is dog and cats food( maybe)
Before it was popular to use one kind of food for pets but now because of the effects it’s better to change the food sometimes. Even for good and famous brands as well!
Malus will have another test for next week. Also taking medicine for another one week….

“What, that small, tiny ,unclear taste things you mean???”


“Yes ,Malus! I know you don’t like them but you have to!!!”

Once again thank you so much dear friends for staying with me and for your kind thoughts and supports❤️ I don’t know how to appreciate to you, words are not enough ….
I just did a little sketch , sending my feeling to you all dear friends ❤️❤️❤️

Violet xxx

I’m home!


Hi everyone!
I’m home!
Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts and prayers for me! I and Violet really appreciate and lucky to have many good,kind friends all around the world❤️
Well you saw my face in the car ,the way coming back to home!
And when I get to home :
First: checking all the rooms!
Second :cleaning

Third: of course sitting in my box!

And also many hugs from Violet as well!


And now relaxing on my chair!



Dear friends,
I’m so happy Malus is with us, in home❤️ He came back little bit thin,lost weight!
It seems he knew he is coming back to home so very calm face even in the car! He starts to eating his food❤️ he is relax now but has to go for another blood test on Tuesday! His today’s blood test, liver function value was little bit higher than normal. He should took medicine until Tuesday and then again see how it’s working.
I will inform you next Tuesday❤️
Again,thank you so much for being with me and Malus! I’m sure all your warm thoughts has reached to him❤️
Have a great weekend everyone❤️❤️❤️