🌹Happy Mother’s Day🌹

Every midwife knows that not until a mother’s womb 

softens from the pain of labor 

will a way unfold 
and the infant find that opening to be born. 
Oh friend! 
There is treasure in your heart, 
it is heavy with child. 
All the awakened ones, 
like trusted midwives are saying, 
‘welcome this pain. 
It opens the dark passage of Grace.
Maulana Rumi

6 responses to “🌹Happy Mother’s Day🌹

  1. This is beautiful, Violet! Thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes. I hope it’s been a nice day for you and Malus!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you too, Violet! 🙂 xxxxx

  3. This was lovely Violet!

  4. Thank you dear Mary!❤️

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