Season’s  Souvenir

Hi dear friends,

Today I would like to show you some memories from last month!

From the end of March to middle of April is cherry blossoms (Sakura) season. People enjoy Hanami( walking or having picnic under sakura’s trees).  For people in Japan sakura has a deep meaning. The flowers are not staying long but the memories of them stay forever….. Usually school graduations and start is in this period so they are a symbol for an encounter and farewell too.

Well ,I, as a home cat don’t  prefer to go outside for a walk in such crowded place so Violet draw me some sakuras and also bought a branch of them to show me how beautiful they are! Hope you enjoy too🐾

Will continue about sakuras again in next post🐾

Have a Lovely weekend dear friends!


27 responses to “Season’s  Souvenir

  1. So very beautiful, both nature and your drawings!

  2. Beautiful, I love cherry blossoms. Have a fabulous weekend !

  3. Beautiful and delicate.

  4. Wonderful photographs Violet – cherry blossoms are such an elegant note in our landscapes. You are very fortunate to see such beauty.

    • Thank you so much dear Mary!
      Yes, They are really beautiful and It is a good feeling to waiting them and enjoy blooming every year😍

  5. Violet you are so creative, thank you for Malas he is such a wonderful model. You both have special place in my heart.

  6. after 3 weeks in Japan, I’m back home… I already miss Nihon! ❤

  7. I love this tree! Missed your beautiful watercolors. So I’m getting 2 in 1, in a post, well… three actually, happy whiskers too! 😉 xx

  8. Beautiful photo’s and paintings Violet. Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  9. Happy Spring Malus! Such beautiful blossoms!

  10. Wonderful to see your posts again, Violet, and to see the Magnificent Malus. Give him a hug from me and my two cats, Jezebel and Sweetie. xx

  11. Hi Violet. Happy spring to you and Malus!:)

  12. Malus you are so lucky to have the sakura season brought to you.

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