Hi dear friends!

Hi everyone,

It’s been a long time since I posted anything. Apologies to those whose comments or private mail I haven’t answered to ask me why I’m not here ….

It has been very busy days for me and honestly I haven’t been in the mood to even draw sometimes…..

But I miss you all (better that I say we miss you all)

May 1st and I’m back blogging again. 😊

With a little more information and different subjects for posts or drawings.

First of all I would like to introduce myself a little bit more. I’m a foreigner living in Japan for many years. I’m originally from Iran. I’m a mum of two daughters and a wife of my Japanese hubby. 😁

I want to introduce Japanese or Iranian culture and food…. through my drawings and photos and of course under Malus’ management. 😁

I may not be able to post everyday but will try as often as I can.😊

Hope I can make you smile while visiting my blog. ❤️

Have a great day!

Violet & Malus


46 responses to “Hi dear friends!

  1. Welcome back, Violet & Malus! We’ve missed you and look forward to your future drawings and posts!

  2. Welcome back and I love that photo!! Priceless!!

  3. croquedessin

    Lovely flowers, happy to see you and Malus again ! 😊

  4. Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your art again Violet! Hugs

  5. vera ersilia

    I am very happy to find you again ! you were missed….

  6. Very nice to see you and Malus again xxxx

  7. Welcome back! 😊

  8. Lovely sketches Violet! Good to have you back 🙂

  9. Happy to see you again! Puff to Malus as well!

  10. Glad to see you and your artwork back. I would not have guessed Japan. 🙂

  11. hi Violet ! Fantastic to see you back. Missed you & Malus. Looking forward to your new themes. 🙂 Welcome back 🙂

    • Hi dear Victoria!
      Thank you so much for your kind message😘❤️❤️❤️
      I missed your beautiful art works and will visit after replying all comments😊😁

  12. I’m so glad you’re back! You were missed terribly! You both look happy and well and it’ll be great to see whatever you can manage in your busy life!

    • Ah,thank you so much dear Dana for your sweet comment!❤️
      I’m back to sketching again and will post sometimes❤️
      Glad to have you here😘

  13. I always smile when I read your posts. So glad to see you again. Big hug for Malus.

  14. Welcome back dear Violet, and Lovely Malus, you know how much I love you both and I missed too. How nice to see you again with your beautiful drawing and with you both too. Thank you dear, Blessing and Happiness, Love, nia

  15. Nice to see you hear again. Lovely drawings!

  16. Painting for Joy

    Welcome back Violet. Hope you and Malus have been well. Looking forward to your upcoming posts and beautiful paintings. 😊

  17. I know the feeling as I have been absent for quite a while myself. 🙂 Looking forward to your rendering of new subjects!

  18. So good to see you back, Violet and Malus! I missed you both! 🙂 A big kiss [to both!] 😉 xx

  19. So beautiful, Violet!

  20. So happy to see you again Violet, and Malus too! Lovely paintings and looking forward to many more.

  21. Lovely to know more about you!

  22. Beautiful work!

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