Quick sketch 

Hi everyone! 

For today a quick sketch of Starbucks autumn version bag!

(hummmm, Violet it is not only sketching! I can see coffee too and I hope no sweets in the bag!!) 

And here is me introducing you my new pink friend! 

 ( by the way, I’m still enjoying to stay IN THE BOX! )

Have a nice weekend dear friends ❤️


6 responses to “Quick sketch 

  1. Happy New Year 🙂 Love, nia

  2. Dear Violet for some reason I lost your blog. It shows that I am following but I am not receiving any posts from you. Have you been away? inanycase Happy 2016, Vera

    • Hi dear Vera!
      Thank you so much for your kind message. I haven’t been here for long time so that is why you didn’t have any post from me😊 I start blogging again and hope you enjoy ❤️

  3. I miss you dear Violet and Lovely Malus,I hope you are all fine. Love, nia

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