Quick Sketch

Hi everyone! 

For today a quick sketch of Starbucks autumn version bag! 

( hummmm, Violet it is not only sketching! I can see you are enjoying coffee too and I hope no sweets in the bag!)


And here is me introducing you my new pink friend! 

(Ps. I’m still IN THE BOX!!!)

Have a great weekend dear friends❤️


6 responses to “Quick Sketch

  1. No sweets in the bag I’m sure… the sweets are in the box! You and Pinkie!!!

  2. … and Violet, I’m so impressed with your lettering… it’s perfect!

  3. great sketch Violet ! Love it ! Happy Weekend to you and Malus 🙂

  4. Malus, I love you so much ! 😀 😀 😀 Very nice little sketch violetski !

  5. Love the sketch Violet! Happy weekend to you. XX

  6. Very nice sketch, Violet. And Malus, I like your new friend!

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