Technical help needed please!

I can’t see my like button in my post.Can anyone help me solve this problem?

 Thank you! ❤️


22 responses to “Technical help needed please!

  1. Sorry – we don’t see the like button either, and we don’t know the solution! Hopefully, another reader will know. But you look very intelligent wearing those glasses, Malus!

  2. Lovely Malus ! No like button yet 😦

  3. Hey Malus…something is really wrong here – we don’t have any like-button either…don’t know why. We tried our admin panel, but everything seemed to be OK…

  4. Hi Violet, i just got your email to test the like button, but when I pressed it got “page not found”. I will ask my friend, he is good with wordpress (it may take a while, and I hope the problem is fixed before then). I like Malus in the spectacles – very stern and studious 😉

    • Ah, thank you so much dear Victoria!
      Yes , something is wrong. I haven’t changed anything but after autumn post I found there is no like Button !
      Thank you so much for helping😘

  5. I have ‘liked’ so there is the button, Malus x

    • Hi dear Wendy!
      Unfortunately something is wrong in my previous 2 posts. If you open my blog there is no like button under the post. Hibiscus have but after that it is disappeared ! I made some changes in my dashboard and hope it works! 😊
      Thank you so much for your reply😘

  6. The like buttons disappear sometimes. I don’t know why. 😦 It has happened to me before. Then the buttons reappeared as suddenly as they had vanished.

  7. hi Violet, try checking two things ;
    1) in your Dashboard, click on “Settings” then “Sharing” down the page you will see “show buttons on” , make sure all are ticked / selected (“front page” , “posts”, “pages” and “media”. Also,
    2) as above (to “Sharing”) just below “show buttons on” is “ likes are” make sure you have selected “”on for all posts”.

    Then, make sure you “save” all changes.
    Hope this helps !

    • Thank you so much dear Victoria. I will do it now and hope it work😊will inform you about the result 😊

    • Dear Victoria ,
      I have done the process but not worked and again changed all clicked and saved,again rechanged and saved!
      Then I published a post as test and found like button under the post ( but still previous 2 posts were without like button) . I removed the test post and will see it will work in my next post or not😊
      Thank you so much for your reply and help😘
      Have a great day!❤️

  8. I can’t see the like button too dear Violet, you can ask to WordPress support team! Lovely Malus, you seem trying to solve this problem 🙂 Thank you, love, nia

  9. Unfortunately this can be tricky. Chances are you have a script error. Try another theme temporarily, if that works then the theme is causing the error. There are places where you can rip out some code manually. Let me know if changing the theme works, at least that way you can narrow down the problem. Took me a whole Saturday to locate the errant script and delete it from the CSS editor. 😉 best of luck

    • Thank you so much dear tlr for your help!
      I’ve done some changes but my 2 previous posts still have problem. But I my new post ( today ) is ok and I think change is working😊
      Have a great day❤️

      • I’m glad you got it working. If you know how to edit the code I can help you further, otherwise it will really kill your blog 😉

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