Hi everyone! 

This summer I have bought  hibiscus plant and it is growing day by day and presenting me beautiful flowers almost every day🌺

Now only few blossoms and I made a sketch before she falls in sleep for winter time! 

But someone is sleeping!!!!! ☺️( it seems his weekend has already started!!!😁😁😁)

Have a nice weekend dear freinds😊❤️

24 responses to “Hibiscus

  1. Beautiful! and Malus too…

  2. So beautiful your hibiscus, and I can say this too, your painting more beautiful than the real one 🙂 Malus lovely as always. Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  3. Oh wow Violet – these paintings are gorgeous!! So good to see you and Malus again!

  4. Painting for Joy

    Pure perfection!!

  5. Beautiful Hibiscus Violet!! Hope Malus is enjoying his sleep. Happy to see you!! XX

  6. Ah, Violet, that’s a beautiful hibiscus, well they both are painted and real! Happy weekend and happy dreams, Malus! 🙂 xxxx

  7. Beautiful sketch, and Malus looks so comfy and relaxed! Happy weekend!

  8. It made my morning so bright and cheerful, thank you lovely work.

  9. So happy you are both back! xx

  10. Malus and the hibiscus are delightful. Have a wonderful weekend. Maybe Malus would look good with a hibiscus behind his ear, Hawaiian style.

  11. HI Violet,
    Had been wondering where you were. GLad you are back and had a good visit in your homeland. Thanks for visiting me again. Maltus and Hibiscus are wonderful. Best,

    • Hi dear Silvia ,
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I really appreciate❤️
      Im glad to back .although it might be less posting than before but glad to visit freinds blogs and see their beautiful arts ❤️
      Have a great weekend dear freind☺️

  12. So many thanks for those lovely flowers !

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