Hi dear freinds,we are back!🐾

Hi dear freinds, 

We are back after long absence here! 

Well, I spent 4 weeks in my homeland. Also a great wedding party of my sister and a good chance to see my relatives after many years as well❤️

After return, little bit busy in daily life and any way now I’m ready to start again❤️( even it may not be daily post😁) 

“Say hi to everyone Malus”:

“What, did you start posting?  !!!!!  Hi dear freinds!”


“Yes ,I’m going to post ,now😁 also I should say thanks to you  to stayed a good boy during my absence and even without any complain during our absence in WordPress !!!😁” 

“Well, I Am A Good Boy!”🐾

“I know!!!😳😄”

40 responses to “Hi dear freinds,we are back!🐾

  1. Welcome back ! Great to see you both back, Violet and Malus 🙂 I have been wondering where you were. Hi Malus – love your paw “wave”. Xx

  2. Welcome back. You were both missed.
    Lovely vase of flowers.

  3. Good to see you! I understand you’ve had a great time! Love Malus’ paw waving!

  4. welcome back, dear S! ❤

  5. WOW! You both came back 🙂 How nice to see you, I really missed you both, maybe Malus more 🙂 You seems so lovely! Give a big hugs to dear Violet for me, her painting is so beautiful. Welcome, welcome… Thank you and have a nice day and blogging days… Love, nia

  6. Happy to see you both again !

  7. Glad to see you and your watercolours.

  8. Pleased to see you, Malus and your lovely paintings!

  9. Welcome back, Violet! I missed you two and it’s great to see you back! 🙂 xx

  10. Welcome back, Violet & Malus!! We missed you – love the picture of Malus “waving” his paw!

  11. Great to have you both back!

  12. Welcome back Violet and Malus!

  13. I was just thinking of you, and of course, Malus, the other day. Good to have you back.

  14. Good to see you and Malus are back! I am not blogging at the moment but happy to have my favourite people in my reader x

  15. Violet and Malus, it’s so good to see you. Glad you had a lovely time in your homeland.

  16. Welcome back!! I wondered where you guys were!

  17. How wonderful to see you both-and Malus, you look as handsome as ever! 🙂

  18. Wonderful to see you and your lovely painting Violet – loved reading about your time away! Malus is the star once again – he is one happy boy!

  19. Oh Happy Day!! Violet and Malus are back!! A lovely painting too. Hello wave to Malus!!

  20. Lovely to see you back, Violet, and such a regal, welcoming wave of a paw from Malus. So glad you are both okay. Take care 😀

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