Carnations for Mums! ❤️

 Hi everyone , 

Hi after one week! ( or more?😊) busy days , some guests, ……  And unfortunately no chance for blogging!

Also, I have to take another 3 weeks holiday because from next week I’m going to visit my homeland for my sister wedding😍☺️

I’m so excited and glad to visit my parent and family after years😊

“Whaaaaaaattt, Violet ? Are you going to leave me alone?”

 “Ah,sorry Malus! I have to😔! But your are not alone and my hubby and girl are beside you☺️ I’m sure they will take a good care of you❤️. Honestly I will miss you😔”


“Ok, I think I should give the permission!!”

“Thank you sir!😁”

Dear freinds ,

It is little bit soon but a sketch for Mother’s Day😊 

My best wishes and wonderful days for all of you❤️ 

Will see you on June❤️




15 responses to “Carnations for Mums! ❤️

  1. Beautiful job on the carnations! Have a wonderful trip for your sister’s wedding and with your family!

  2. croquedessin

    Very nice painting Violetski ! Kind Malus ! 😀

  3. Have a nice trip and wedding dear Violet, Best Wishes for the new couple. This sketch is amazing, Thank you, and yes, lovely Malus, I wanted to hold your paws in the first one… you are sooooooo lovely and exactly seems asking, 🙂 Love and hugs for you both, nia

  4. Have a good trip and Happy Mother’s Day, lovely carnations!

  5. Lovely painting, so good to see Malus looking regal, have a lovely time with your family, Violet. And you’d better bring back a present for Malus to get back on his good side!

  6. Beautiful sketch, Violet. Have a wonderful time with your family for your sister’s wedding! I know Malus will miss you (and you will miss him!), but it sounds as though he’ll be very well taken care of while you are away.

  7. Have a wonderful time Violet ! See you and Malus sooooon x

  8. Enjoy Mother’s Day, my dear Violet!!! All the best and… come back soon!
    Malus and all us friends shall miss you! 🙂

  9. Beautiful sketch! Love the little details on the petals.

  10. Have a wonderful holiday and travel safe. Happy Mothers Day Dear Violet!! 🙂 XX

  11. Hope you are enjoying your trip. Lovely flowers.

  12. Beautiful Carnations Violet!

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