Paris, Trafalgar Square


Hi everyone! 

From yesterday, rainy cold weather here! It seems spring is hiding somewhere!!! Really cold as winter ❄️❄️❄️

So Violet didn’t go for walk and decided to stay home and sketch of old photos😺 For today a quick sketch of  Trafalgar Square, Paris 🇫🇷

And also I decide to look at outside( daily guard as Violet is saying) in the warm room from top of my tower!


Have a great weekend dear freinds!🍀❤️


13 responses to “Paris, Trafalgar Square

  1. Quick sketch???!!!! Wow! Amazing!

  2. Spring must be coming…right?

    • Actually spring was here 2 weeks ago and all blossoms bloomed as well but has turned to rainy and cold weather from last week😳and will continue for the rest of the week!😁

  3. Spring has been playing hide and seek here too! 4 days ago it was sunny and warm [24Cº] and yesterday it snowed!
    I hear sun is near though! Beautiful drawing, Violet! 🙂 xxxx

    • Ah, very difficult to fix suitable clothes in those weather isn’t it!!!!😁
      Here not snow but still cold weather and rain! All bloomed blossoms have fallen! 😕
      Heeeeeeyyyyyyy, suuuuuunnnn, where are you! 😊( but we don’t need hot hot weather as well😁😁😁)
      Thank you so much my dear Marina for your sweet comment❤️

  4. A great place for guard duty, Malus.

  5. I can think of no better way to spend a rainy day!

  6. Beautiful Violet – I love Trafalgar Square – my sister lived in the neighborhood many years ago.

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