Spring is here! 


Hi everyone! 

First of all happy belated Easter to all of you and hope you had a great one!

A beauty of spring for today’s sketch🌸 Here everywhere is coloring in pink blossoms. 


Spring is here! 

And a new box is here too😁



21 responses to “Spring is here! 

  1. croquedessin

    Lovely sketch, nice flowers, what a beautiful box for Malus !

  2. I can imagine how beautiful all these spring blossoms dear Violet. And I can also see how inspirational for you, your sketch is so beautiful. Thank you, and and finally lovely Mauls 🙂 Cats love all kind of boxes… My cat tears them 🙂 Have a nice spring days, Love, nia

    • Thank you so much dear Nia for your sweet comment!
      Finally spring is here and full of cherry blossoms🌸
      And about boxes, so true! Cat loooooooves boxes and ah , many boxes around all around the room!!!😁
      Have beautiful day my dear friend❤️😘

  3. Oh Violet (that is your name?) – you are a REAL artist! I’m so excited you found me, so I could follow you and learn from a true artist!!! Beautiful work!

    • Thank you so much dar Jodi for stoping by and following!😃
      I really appreciate your kind comment and looking forward to see your beautiful posts too❤️

  4. Such beautiful blossoms Violet! Oh Malus, will you ever have enough boxes to sleep in or play in? Such a lucky kitty. 🙂

  5. Happy Spring, Violet & Malus. The blossoms are beautiful here too. Enjoy that new box, Malus!

    • Happy spring to you too dear Dianna! ❤️
      Glad to hear blossoms are blooming there too❤️
      Have a beautiful day my dear freind😃🌸❤️

  6. Happy Spring, Malus and family!!! 🙂 xxxxx

  7. Look at your pink blossom nose, Malus. So sweet.

  8. Glad Spring has arrived for you and Malus Violet …all happy !
    Love your sweet pink blossoms sketch !

  9. Happy Easter Violet – Spring has arrived, such a lovely announcement!!

  10. have no fear, spring is here, too! I love your excellent art and I’m very fond of Malus… ❤ 🙂
    * * *
    have a splendid week, dear S… ❤

    • Glad spring is around you too dear Mélanie! ❤️❤️❤️
      And thank you so much and I’m really glad you like it❤️
      Malus is sending hi!😸🐾🐾🐾

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