🍓Strawberries! 🍓


Hi everyone! 

Here is today’s sketch, Violet favorite fruit!  Yesterday She went to strabwerry field and ….. 

“Violet , honestly, how many did you eat!!!?????”😼 



14 responses to “🍓Strawberries! 🍓

  1. Painting for Joy

    Love it!!!

  2. thenerdycanuck

    Reblogged this on EarlGrey&Ink and commented:
    Love the painting 🙂 Beautiful ~

  3. 😀 😀 😀 Malus, you seem so severe ! 😀 Lovely strawberries Violet, so delicious !

  4. I’m one of those odd folks who doesn’t care for strawberries! But I love your sketch AND that sweet Malus!

  5. yes Violet, how many ?? do tell 🙂 Lovely painting

  6. Delicious !

  7. Ah, lovely strawberries, Violet!!! Sounds like you had many… or is it that Malus is jealous?! 🙂 xxxx

  8. I wish Violet could share those- they look super yummy!

  9. Delightful!. Kiss your little nose, sweet Malus.

  10. Spring strawberries are irresistible, Malus, just like your cute pink nose. Kiss 🙂

  11. Delicious looking strawberries, Violet!

  12. Wonderful, glorious, garden strawberries!!! Oh lucky you!! 🙂

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