Sweet peas again! 


Hi everyone! 

Today Violet has  sketched  sweet pea again!  We have them on the table  in new colors! 

Well , they are spring flowers and we can find them in flower shop maybe only for another month. 

And here is me, an artistic pose!!! behind sweet pease! 


16 responses to “Sweet peas again! 

  1. A beautiful kiss of Spring time flowers – just lovely Violet. Malus is framed so wonderfully by the sweet peas!

  2. beautiful colours Violet, and a very delicate piece of work. Malus, you are the sweetest pea of them all ! xx

  3. as always, your sketch is lovely, Violet. I DO love that photo of Malus with the sweet peas!

  4. Such beautiful colorful sweat peas Violet! A sure sign of spring. Malus you suit your sweat pea frame. How artistic of you. 🙂

    • Thank you so much dear Susan!❤️
      I’m glad that Malus gave me a chance for this shot😁😁😁
      Recently he is escaping from my camera😄😄😄

  5. Such wonderful colors! Love the sketch.

  6. Peachy and Lovely Violet . Good boy Malus keeping still !

  7. Love the flowers. Hi Malus!

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