Quick Sketch

Hi everyone! 

Here is my new box!! 

Humm,sniff,snifffff…..I think I know this smell! 

I see! Violet is doing a quick sketch of her favorite  perfume! ( 10 minutes sketch,Malus!😁)

14 responses to “Quick Sketch

  1. nice sketch Violet, captures the bottle and light very well – very hard to do, especially in 10 minutes ! I like your box Malus, you are quite spoilt with all your boxes and beds 🙂

    • Thank you so much dear Victoria! ❤️
      This bottle was really hard to sketch because the shape but good for study! 😁
      Malus is sleeping inside the box right now!!😁

  2. Hi Malus ! You’re so beautiful ! Lovely sketch Violet. 🙂

  3. Ha ha – too cute!

  4. Beautiful sketch, Violet….Malus, you’re so handsome!

  5. Painting for Joy

    Perfection and sweetness. Love it!

  6. So beautiful, aw those awesome reflections catch my eye. Hey Malus have a great weekend, you should help out once in a while!

  7. Your favorite perfume looks intriguing Violet. I like your new box Malus, it is just right for you! 🙂 XX

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