Simple things! 

Hi everyone! 

Today Violet has sketched asparagus and chinese mashroom! 

Simple thins for today’s sketch but unfortunately I don’t like them( as I cann’t eat them!!😸) 

Violet , next time you should sketch somethings that I love to eat! 

“Yessssss,sssssiiirrr!  But Malus, did you know that it is very hard to draw your dried foods!!! So many details!!😁😁😁😁”

19 responses to “Simple things! 

  1. The mushrooms are so cute!

  2. I love Malus’ little lounge – he looks so comfortable, Violet!

  3. You are both so lovely, beautiful sketch. Also I can see a beautiful bed of Malus, it is amazing too. Thank you for you both, love, and hugs, nia

  4. Hello Violet it is wonderful to see your drawings and Malus. I hope to have time to spend on my art soon. XX

  5. Simple things may become so beautiful things !

  6. love the mushrooms Violet ! What a great bed you have there Malus 🙂

  7. I love both: shitake mushrooms and asparagus… 🙂

  8. The ingredients of a lovely supper 🙂 Lovely sketch Violet !
    Malus … oooh look at you … no box for you today then 😉

  9. Malus has a bit of an attitude, don’t you think? Lovely sketches – I love both. Wonderful and delicate Violet.

  10. Simple but yummy! Don’t worry Malus, maybe next time Violet will paint you a tuna! 😉

  11. Yes, asparagus and mushrooms look much nicer than dry cat food.

  12. Well Miss Violet you must draw something else Malus might like- like a fish!🐟!

  13. Your sketches are lovely and so is your handsome Malus!! 😊

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