Winter rose! 

Hi everyone! 

Today was a warm day and I went for a walk and found this rose.  Even 4 seasons roses are not blooming at this season here but this one looks like a strong rose waking up in the winter and smiling! ❤️

When I came back home, I found Malus as this

Deep sleep under warm winter sunshine! 😊

Hope you dear freinds have a wonderful, warm day as well😊❤️


25 responses to “Winter rose! 

  1. thenerdycanuck

    Beautiful 🙂 loved this one, well done.

  2. thenerdycanuck

    Also loved the pic of the kitty:) she looks so cozy ~

  3. Beautiful painting… And lovely sleeping time 🙂 Thank you, love, nia

  4. Such a pretty sketch. And Malus looks so cozy!

  5. It’s like a little piece of spring! Rebecca

  6. Gorgeous and gorgeous ! Double pleasure! 😉 xxxx

  7. Beautiful rose!

  8. Yes, flowers do smile 🙂 what a lovely surprise and beautiful sketch. I cannot wait for my garden roses to resurface from under two metres of snow. Happy dreams, sweet Malus!.

    • 😳😳😳 2 meters snow! Waoooo😍 ( sorry I love snow but where I live almost no snow! Only ,maybe, once a year! )
      I really love roses too and have 2 english rose in my balcony,growing in pot! 😊
      When your roses bloomed, would you please post their photo 😍❤️

  9. Love it Violet – the rose is masterful. Sleep well Malus as you soak up the warm sun.

  10. A particularly beautiful sketch today, Violet. I love the bud starting to open, the touches of pink on the leaves and the rose that has lost all its petals.
    That’s a nice shot of Malus too : )

    • Ah, thank you so much dear Anna! I’m glad you like it❤️
      It is really interesting to see how roses green leaves change color in the winter to the dark green and pink color❤️

  11. So delicate! Love that rose! My best friend is finding the sun to nap in, too! He follows the patches of light from room to room as the sun moves across the sky. We are both ready for spring!

  12. Beautiful rose. I like the way you carried the warm pinks throughout the leaves. Cats sunning and resting in the warm rays from the sun are so relaxing.

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