I’m back! 

Hi everyone! 

We are back! 😊

It was supposed to take a short break but 2 month had passed already. 

Thank you so much for your kind comments and mails to me(us)❤️ 

Honestly I had spend busy time and lazy time during the past 2 month😊  My mind and my pen were not cooperating each other so I decided to stop sketching until I feel I need to do that…. And it happened! 😁

Although it may not be everyday but  I will continue to looking at life thrue sketching. Of course with assistance of  ( better to say : bossing ! ) Malus😁🐈

“Violet, please let me speak to dear freinds too!”

“Ok Malus, your turn!😃”

Helllooooo everyone! So happy to be with all of you ❤️

Long time haven’t been here and I’m so glad now and can’t stop smiling!

Ok, today’s sketch is tulips that Violet has decorated on the table!  

Today is first of March and Violet bought those tulips , an early welcoming to spring!🌷

Wish you all dear freinds a happy happy Murch!🌷🌷🌷

47 responses to “I’m back! 

  1. So good to have you back Violet! And it’s very nice to see Malus too (love the smile!). 🙂
    And what a comeback it is!!! The tulips are very pretty! Lovely sketch.

    • Thank you so much dear Jess!❤️❤️❤️
      Glad to be here again too❤️
      Malus smile! It was really hard to take that photo😁😁😁😁

  2. We sure did miss you guys!!!

  3. Have been missing you. Glad you are back.

  4. Welcome back!!
    Missed you ❤

  5. Welcome back Violet and Malus – missed you both ! Fantastic smile Malus 🙂 lovely tulips Violet, they are my favourite flowers. Happy March to you both xx

  6. Welcome back, Violet & Malus!! Your tulips are beautiful; we’ve had 2 big snows, so we are more than ready for springtime!

    • Hi dear Dianna,
      Thank you so much for your kind comment!❤️
      Wish those tulips bring you spring sunshine and warmth❤️❤️❤️
      Happy March to you and your family😘

  7. I missed you both,so glad you are back,Spring time is a wonderful time for renewal. It is hard work to keep up a blog, I hope to see you at least once in awhile kindred friend.

    • Ah, thank you so much my dear friend for your sweet, kind comment!❤️
      You are right, spring is perfect for renewal😊
      Will continue to sketching as much as I can😊❤️
      Sending you love and hugs,

  8. Beautiful sketch! And a lovely cat too ❤

  9. Great to see you both back on board, Violet and Malus. So pleased to see your name pop up again. Take care.

  10. croquedessin

    2 months ! Ho God ! Happy to see you both again ! Malus is so beautiful ! 😀

  11. welcome back, dear S… ❤

  12. Welcome back! Xxx

  13. So pleased that you and Malus are back! Love those tulips, harking spring!

  14. vera ersilia

    Glad You are Back Violet! vera

  15. Hello dear Malus, delighted to have you both back and it could not be more beautiful than with tulips 🙂

  16. Welcome back! That smile is a bit scary though…

  17. Wow, coming back with a bang! Violet – those tulips are gorgeous!! Wonderful to see you and looking forward to more of your sketches. Have a lovely week ~

  18. Welcome back, Violet and Malus! Good to see your happy faces and drawings again!! 🙂 xxxx

  19. Lovely to see you again Malus and Violet.

  20. Heyyyyyyyy you are both here again 🙂 I am so glad to see you back. I really missed you. As always dear Malus you are so beautiful. But give a kiss to lovely Violet for me 🙂 Thank you, have a nice day and wonderful new month. Love, nia

  21. Welcome back! Beautiful tulips. Love Malus.

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