🎄🎉Merry Christmas 🎉🎁

Hi dear friends,
Merry Christmas and my best wishes to all of you❤️
Wish you have a wonderful moments today ❤️
Today I was really wonder about Malus! He was sitting under Christmas tree and seem waiting for his present!!!
“Violet, is there something for me??”


And …….
” what is this Violet? A car for me?”

“Yes Malus! A very useful car for your nail care!!!! Also a good chair and even a place that you can dream about a wonderful driving on that!!!”😃
“Hum mm,I think I like it!!!😺”


28 responses to “🎄🎉Merry Christmas 🎉🎁

  1. What a great Christmas for Malus!

  2. What a beautiful gift!. Scratch, lounge, ride! 🙂 Good health and happiness to you, dear Malus and Violet ❤️

  3. Merry Christmas Malus (love your bow tie 🙂 ) glad you got a lovely present too 🙂 xx

  4. I do so enjoy your posts, Violet and Malus – have a lovely 2015 and look forward with pleasure to reading more of your posts. xx

  5. Très très joyeux Noêl également Violet, and also for Malus, of course !!!!

  6. WOW!! That car is SUPER COOL !! We’re SO jealous over here!! 😀 Merry Christmas to you all! Have a wonderful time! xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

    • Thaaaaaaaaannnnkkkk youuuu dear freind!😃😊
      Wish I could send it to you too! 😊next year I should ask dear Santa to send it to you 😃
      A wonderful new year to you all ❤️❤️❤️

      • Aww, thanks so much! It would be so cool if you could ask Santa to get us one! 😀 Woohoo! You’re the best!! 😀 Happy New Year to you too! Wishing you all the best for 2015! 🙂 xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

  7. Happy Season, Violet Maulis must have liked his present.

  8. Merry Merry Merry to you also! Love the script and image, (and Malus).

  9. Merry Christmas, Violet and Malus [and family]! My warmest wishes! 🙂 and xxxxx

  10. Beautiful sketch…simple and balanced. Enjoy your day. Hope all your family can be with u!

  11. As always beautiful sketch dear Violet, 🙂 and Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Malus is so lovely and I loved his present, this is amazing. Thank you, Blessing and happiness to you All, love, nia

    • Ah, thank you so much my dear Nia! ❤️I always appreciate your kind comments❤️❤️❤️
      Happy New Year to you too and wish you all the best😘

  12. Belated merry Christmas!!!

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