Sketching season!

Hi every one!
Today’s Violet sketched a view of Park that she went for a walk there .
And here is me watching Violet to do her homework!!!!

Violet, you have many things to do!
Still you haven’t replied to all comments on your blog!
You haven’t started sketching for Christmas !
You haven’t done your blog for many days!
Days are passing fast Violet! Hurry up!

“Yesssss, siiiiiiirrrr!!!!😁”

11 responses to “Sketching season!

  1. Love the sketch!

  2. Beautiful sketch! And Lovely Malus, help to her and give a big hugs for me too to dear Violet. Thanks and Love, nia

  3. Lovely sketch! And Malus is indeed looking very strict x

  4. Oh my .. Malus means business 🙂
    Lovely sketchy trees Violet !

  5. Oh Malus- you forgot to remind Violet about Xmas presents for a certain kitty who has been especially good this year 😃🐈!!

  6. Lovely sketch Violet, Manus is so beautiful ! 😀

  7. Malus, smile, she did a great job!!!! 🙂 xx

  8. Malus you are a hard taskmaster. 🙂

  9. Beautiful painting and place to walk!

  10. What a funny photo of your cat! Looks like you’re getting The Godfather stare-down. Woooo!

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