Quick sketch

Hi everyone!
Toda@&?#$%ys Vio#@;let(he is speaking while he is biting his toy!!!!) is a quick&):(0〆 sketch of her dessert in cafe!
“And guess what was that Malus! A hot apple tart😁”

“Whaaaattttt!!!sweets again! ”


26 responses to “Quick sketch

  1. Malus, you are looking VERY playful this morning! (And that apple tart looks yummy!)

  2. Malus! That’s quite a tummy you have there….no apple tart for YOU. 🙂

  3. Love to see you playing, dear Malus!. But always alert to that sweet intake 😉

  4. lovely sketch Violet. Great expression on Malus’ face chewing the toy – the fang, the eyeball ! 🙂

  5. What fun!! I could eat some of that apple tart Violet. 🙂

  6. Malus looks well! I like your drawing/painting if the apple tart !

  7. Delicious sketch 🙂 and lovely Malus, Thank you, love and hugs for you both 🙂 nia

  8. Looks like a joyful day for both!!! 😉 xx

  9. Malus you are so funny. No wonder Violet loves you so much.

  10. … topped with a dollop of ice cream ? Mmm seriously good Violet !

  11. Malus is so happy – lovely sketch!!

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