Autumn leaves 1

Hi everyone!
Autumn is here but still green leaves around and just some of trees have started to change their colors. Here is the first sketch of autumn leaves and I’m sure Violet will do more( it seems she is just waiting for falling leaves! )
And here is me enjoying autumn sunshine ❤️


16 responses to “Autumn leaves 1

  1. very nice leaf paintings Violet, lovely to see you in the sunshine Malus 🙂

  2. Exquisite leaves, Violet.

  3. So beautiful Violet !

  4. Soak up that sunshine, Malus!! Pretty sketch, Violet!

  5. Rosa de los Vientos

    Beautiful, Violet! And Malus’ ears look like autums leaves too.

  6. Nice leaves Violet! I enjoyed crunching, and kicking a multitude of fallen leaves while out for my walk yesterday. I see Malus has another box, enjoy! 🙂

  7. I love your sketches and kitties!

  8. really pretty fall colors.

  9. Very nice, Violet. Your kitty seems to be enjoying the box! As well as the sunshine.

  10. The leaves are turning beautiful now, like in your sketch each is unique. Malus darling, sweet dreams in your warm castle ♥

  11. beautiful leaves! Enjoy the sun, Malus!

  12. I like that the leaves are arranged in a small family portrait. Beautiful job with the colors, Violet. I love seeing Malus in the box again.

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