Kokeshi( Japanese wooden doll)

Hi everyone,
Today sketch is a Japanese wooden doll(Kokeshi) and here is me trying same pose as Kokeshi!

Have a great weekend dear friends❤️


22 responses to “Kokeshi( Japanese wooden doll)

  1. Well done Violet! And well done Malus! tee hee!! Happy weekend to you both! 🙂

  2. Beautiful painting Violet, although Malus is more beautiful I think. Happy weekend 🙂

  3. Rosa de los Vientos

    So funny 😀 xxxxxxx

  4. Malus, you’re a “copycat”!!!!!
    How are you doing? Are your tests at the vet’s office still good?

    • Hahaha!
      Thank you so much dear Dianna for your kind comment❤️
      He is doing really well. Eating his food and same as before😃
      He will have another test next week( ah, again a big stress for him but no way!). I’m sure test result will be alright😊
      By the way Dianna, I’ve changed Malus food to non grain food. He likes it😃
      I couldn’t find the brand that I wanted here so I asked Amazon.com and revived it after 2weeks😃

  5. Malus sweetheart, what a pretty pose, you are a beautiful neko 🙂 The painting is so realistic, Violet.

  6. You make a beautiful Kokeshi, Malus.

  7. 😀 😀 😀 Lovely and funny !

  8. Lovely – have a wonderful weekend too!

  9. glad to see Malus in wonderful shape… 🙂 my very best, stay healthy and ‘cool’… friendly thoughts & sayonara! Mélanie

    • Hi dear Mélanie!
      Sorry to haven’t visit your site or contact for long time😔
      Glad to see your kind comments and I really appreciate❤️
      Malus is doing well and one of my worries had solved at this moment😊

  10. I have been on vacation (yay me) and am making my first computer contact today. Two Kokeshi…I love it!

  11. Malus, I think it is very thoughtful of you to stand in as a body double while Kokeshi took a break and relaxed. Violet, is so lucky to have such supportive friends in her studio.

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