In the Park again!

Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for your kind comments on my previous post! I really appreciate your supports and kind thoughts.
My today’s sketch is a quick one in the park.
” Violet, can you take me there next time?”

” If you promise you won’t runaway😁!!!”


18 responses to “In the Park again!

  1. Lovely drawing, great details, well done !

  2. Malus is so cute ! Beautiful sketch !

  3. Malus would never run away! He has a blog to run- Afterall it’s a very responsible job 😉 Lovely sketch Violet!

  4. Beautiful sketch; perhaps Malus should stay at home where it’s safe!

  5. Ah, those beautiful eyes, sweet Malus, hope you are feeling better and eating well. The sketch is very delicate.

  6. Nice sketch. What you leave out is very essential to how wonderful it is!

  7. I love this sketch, Violet. It is very fetching.

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