Starfish and shells

Hi everyone!
It’s near the end of August but here is still hooooootttt!
For today a sketch of summer scene!
And here is Malus, maybe dreaming a summer seaside view! 😁


27 responses to “Starfish and shells

  1. Beautiful, Violet. I especially like they way you put the shadowing in….it gave it dimension. ♥ xo

  2. Ah, sweet Malus, dreaming of birds and breeze … The summer scene is a dream, too, Violet:-)

  3. Lovely and I love the shells you put in the photo of the picture too and such a sweet dreaming pussycat:-)

  4. Ah, so beautiful, Violet! I miss the sea! 🙄 xx

  5. Beautiful ! Poor Malus he seems so tired ! 😀

  6. The seashell sketch is beautiful. And sweet Malus seems to be staying cool!

  7. Very nice. The ext a depth behind the star, especially so.

  8. Very nice painting Violet!

  9. Lovely shells Violet – they remind me of when we used to live on a beach in Maine. Sand dollars could be picked up by the bucket loads, only saw one star fish the whole time we lived there. You stirred some great memories.

  10. Love seashells and the sea, your looks great Violet super weekend my friend xxx

  11. Star fish ! Lovely painting Violet .

  12. Brings me fine memories of the beach! Beautiful!

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