Hi everyone!
For today a quick sketch of sunflower!
It seems Violet has no summer holiday this year! Little busy summer days!
Well, while she is busy I will…….

Have a wonderful weekend dear freinds❤️

13 responses to “Sunflower

  1. Aw….love both of these! My mom never really cared for sunflowers, so my love for them didn’t come about until a few years ago. Your sketch is beautiful. And sweet Malus, you look SO comfy!
    Have a good weekend, Violet & Malus!

  2. Love your sunflower sketch Violet. Is that another box Malus ?

  3. Ah, Malus, while you’re sleeping, Violet is drawing beautiful things! 🙂 xxxx

  4. Lovely sunflower!

  5. Happy Friday both..I look forward to your posts.

  6. Oh dear, no summer holiday for Violet. 😦

  7. Have a nice WE violet and Malus 🙂

  8. Very wise of you, dear Malus!. I love sunflowers and paintings accross two pages 🙂

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  10. Hi Violet and Malus, I did some more timed sketches. Sketch #3 was awful… it would have discouraged me except I rehtought my approach on #4. Thanks for encouraging me to do the quick studies. ❤

  11. August always means “sunflowers” to me. Great sketch. I love Malus sleeping in the box.

  12. Yeah, a favorite flower of mine – we have a field full of them around where i live. A summertime symbol ~

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