Mont Saint Michel

Hi everyone!
For today, a sketch of Mont Saint Michel!
And here is me,
can you guess where?!!!!

Will show you tomorrow!!!

27 responses to “Mont Saint Michel

  1. Malus are you a cat in a bag? Love the sketch! Pretty colors.

  2. Lovely painting Violet. Malus looks to be in an exotic paper cave 🙂

  3. Beautiful, Violet! xo

  4. Beautiful sketch, love the reflection and glowing sunset. Ah, Malus darling, where are you with such mischievous eyes? 🙂

  5. Another stunning piece of artwork from you Violet

  6. Can’t wait to hear where Malus’s photo was taken! Pretty sketch, as always, Violet!

  7. Ah, beautiful colors and drawing, Violet! 🙂 xx

  8. Love the detail, and colors of todays drawing Violet. Okay Malus we know you like boxes but I think you are now liking paper bags. Am I right? 🙂

  9. Beautiful Violet! And Malus what in the world are you up to??

  10. Malus, you are as creative as Violet.

  11. Mont St. Michel is in France. Did you get to go there? I like your sketch.

    • Thank you do much dear Silvia! 😃
      I , myself no. it is a sketch of old photo of my husband album, when he had visited there.
      Mont st. Michel is one of the places in my wish list❤️

  12. This is a beautiful card. It makes me want to wake up earlier so I can see some colorful skies too.

  13. So beautiful Violet.

  14. Really like the soft pastel colors in this, Violet.

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