Hi everyone!
Today Violet has sketched her snack! Sweet and simple thumbprint cookies❤️

“Violet, pay attention not too much !!!”

“Yes, ssssiiiirrrrr!!! Only one with my coffee ,siiiirrr!!!😁”

30 responses to “Snack!

  1. Delicious, funny and beautiful ! 😀

  2. Delicious and so tempting!. You are right, sweet Malus! 🙂 Wonderful sketch!

  3. Love this sketch Violet, you have really captured the crinkly packet, amazing. Love the way Malus gives you orders, from his box 🙂

    • Ah, thank you so much dear Vitoria! ❤️
      Glad you like it😃❤️
      Malus eyes are talking something to me ( when I’m taking my snack!!!!😁)

  4. Temptations are put in our way to enjoy! So Malus be easy on Violet. 🙂 Violet I love the way you can sketch something like your snack and make it look spectacular! 🙂

    • Ah,thank you so much dear Susan for your kind , sweet comment!❤️
      Yes , it’s our temptations, exactly same as him ( falling in love with boxes!!!😁)

  5. lizandlifestyle

    These are so good!! Love the kitty too!

  6. Thumb print cookies ! what a lovely description Violet . They do look scrummy .

  7. Only one! That’s not enough, Malus.

  8. Lovely cookie delight! Have a lovely weekend Violet ~

  9. Hmmm, I love your sketch, but I probably would have gotten cookies with chocolate.

  10. I need Malus watching over me!

  11. Violet you always come with those beautiful subjects that I have to try in the middle of the night… that is not fair.. but they always look so good xx

    • Ah, sorry dear Doron! 😁❤️
      But please wait until morning!!!😁
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment dear friend! 😃❤️

      • I always wait Violet… We learn in life to control our needs… but your paintings always making it look so good.. I should start visit here earleir… next time xxx

  12. Great painting, good cookies, and adorable kitty:)

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