Morning glories

Hi everyone!
Blue morning glories for today sketch❤️It seems they are blooming around and Violet is so happy to find them for sketching❤️
And I’m so happy to as you can see in this photo!

Even small but perfect and fit!

I really like it!


32 responses to “Morning glories

  1. Malus in a cardboard box reminds me so much of our own cats – they pop up everywhere: drawers, cupboards, laundry basket. What is it about small spaces that fascinate cats?

    • Hahaha! The same question for me too dear Crazy Crone!
      Is small boxes or boxes a magical place for them!?
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment dear freind😃❤️

  2. Beautiful flowers ! And as usual, Malus is beautiful too ! 😀

  3. Oh Malus! You are a silly cat! 🙂 Love the Morning Glories Violet! I have a few planted on my balcony, but they are not blooming yet- hopefully soon though! their flowers are lovely.

  4. My dear Malus, you look absolutely adorable. There is Morning Glory and there is Boxy Glory –both beautiful! 🙂 Kiss your little chin.

  5. Beautiful! They look like they are shining in the light!

  6. My cats will try to squeeze into any box. Funny!

  7. Very beautiful sketch Violet!! Malus the box appears to be a tad too small for you but if like it….so what, right? 🙂

  8. Gorgeous glory painting! I adore them too. I have violet blossoms growing all around my front door.

  9. Blue sky flowers ! Lovely .

  10. Love your flowers Violet – so elegant. That Malus, how does he fit his tiny body in the small boxes – he’s a lot of fun!

  11. Love this one, Violet.

  12. Malus, you are as beautiful as the morning glories. 😀

  13. Ah, such lovely morning glories, Violet! 🙂 xx

  14. camilla wells paynter

    I love morning glories! I want a diaphanous dress with this pattern! Lovely!

  15. Beautiful flowers and kitten in a box! ❤
    Best wishes, Aquileana 😛

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