7min sketch!

Hi everyone!
Today Violet sketched what she ate this morning! Her favorite cinnamon roll with tea❤️ it seems she was hungry so a quick sketch (7 min) of that!

Recently it’s really hot here! Even I don’t want to walk or play sometimes and Violet took my photos (in those mood! ) for reporting!!!!
So here is me, no willing to play!




Have a wonderful weekend dear friends❤️❤️❤️

35 responses to “7min sketch!

  1. are you timing Violet with a stopwatch now Malus ? great idea ! its too hot to play, I think you should take it easy and let Violet do all the work :-). Love your breakfast sketch Violet, a great weekend to you both 🙂

    • Infact, Yes!!!😁
      I always do when I want to do a quick sketch!
      Thank you so much dear Victoria for your lovely comment❤️❤️❤️
      I Really want to show you Malus just now! The same pose as above!!!!😁

  2. Aw…..sometimes a kitty just doesn’t want to play. Violet, you have an amazing talent!

  3. Looks like Violet had a tasty breakfast 🙂

  4. oo the cinnamon roll looks really yummy for a 7 mins sketch! I would have eaten it first ;p

  5. I love the way you make food look like, even smell like food. You actually make it look like it tastes good. Very nice!

  6. Yum! 💙💙💙🍪

  7. beautiful sketch and lovely photographs… Thank you for you both, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  8. Wow, a quick and delicious sketch!

  9. That looks a very nice breakfast roll indeed Violet !
    Malus … take it easy in that heat …
    Happy Weekend !

  10. Hope it is a little cooler for you both!

  11. Love cinnamon rolls… I put weight just watching your pattisserie… it is mouth watering… and always look more real then the real one down the road 🙂

    • Ah, thank you so much dear Doron for your sweet comment! ❤️
      At this moment I remembered sweet cinnamon smell and I feel hungry 😁😁😁
      But it’s late at night and too dangrouse to have one at this time😁

      • True that is why there is always tomorrow… mind you with the good stuff you paint it is hard to wait for the next morning. but health is more important so stay safe and enjoy ❤ x

  12. Looks very tasty Violet-and Malus, I know it is so hard to be a blog star-sometimes one must turn one’s back on the public for a break 😉

  13. 7 minutes! Well done.

  14. The cinnamon roll is very tempting 🙂 Wonderrful sketch!. You look adorable, dear Malus ♥

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