Hi everyone!
Today Violet sketched a box of zucchinis in veg market! Of course she has bought some!
And here is me……
” Violet, what is this photo?”
” Malus, your shape looks like a big zuchhini!!!! So perfect for today post😁”


15 responses to “Zucchinis!

  1. I will not let the goats see this painting….or they will try to eat it!

  2. Hey Malus, tell Violet I love me some zucchinis!

  3. Ah, the happy veggies!!! Lovely, Violet! 🙂 xx

  4. Violet, for some reason I am not getting your images. Have you had that problem with anyone else?

    • Hi dear Silvia!
      Thank you for your message❤️
      Yes, unfortunately I have the same problem!
      Some solved but still I don’t have all the follow blogs posts.
      I searched and ask many people. Some advices me to unfollow and follow again.
      Some says maybe it’s because of many blogs that I’m following….
      Please try to unfollow and again follow my blog. Hope it works😃❤️

  5. croquedessin

    Beautiful skecth and funny zucchini-Malus ! 😀

  6. My word those look good Violet !
    Malus and his modelling … is he on a new career path I wonder ….

  7. Malus, you look concerned. Don’t worry. Violet won’t mistake you for a zucchini when she is cooking.

  8. so colorful! 😉

  9. Love Zucchinis! Wonderful painting Violet ~

  10. Hello,
    I would like to speak with you about some wine labels design, please contact me

    • Hi ,
      Thank you for stopping by!
      I couldn’t find your blog in WordPress. Would you please let me know where(or email adress) I should contact? Thank you .

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