Pair mug cups😃

Hi everyone!
For today, a quick sketch of pair mug that I bought it before😃 I love the shape and size of them😃
And here is Malus, playing with his toy!!!


13 responses to “Pair mug cups😃

  1. Lovely painting Violet – finally Malus is not sleeping (he’s so intense playing).

  2. so lovely, of course Malus 🙂 and I loved your mug cups, as if I could take it… Thank you, love, nia

  3. I like the simplicity of these two mugs. Very nice!

  4. Lovely mugs. I like the size and shape of Malus too. 🙂

  5. croquedessin

    Your mug are beautiful Violet. Malus is lovely ! 😀

  6. camilla wells paynter

    Oh, Violet, they’re so dear! They look like the enamel-coated kind…I love those! Get it, Malus…grrrrrrr…..! 😉

  7. Ah they look like hand warming mugs Violet 🙂 filled with hot chocolate or soup in the Winter time hands cupped round them … mmm
    Perfect . Preferring thoughts of lemonade though here at the moment !

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