Morning Glory

Hi everyone!
Today Violet’s sketch is what she found when
she went for a walk this morning!
And here is my new toy too and I love it so much!




Have a wonderful weekend dear friends❤️

23 responses to “Morning Glory

  1. So pretty! Great sketch Violet!

  2. I love morning glories, don’t see any around here. Lovely Violet!

  3. Beautiful blue morning glory – enjoy your new toy, Malus. Happy weekend!

  4. splendid painting Violet. Great to see Malus with his new toy ! Have a great weekend 🙂

  5. Rosa de los Vientos

    Beautiful painting. Is that a home-made toy?

  6. Beautiful blue! Lovely drawing, Violet! Nice toy, Malus! 🙂 xx

  7. croquedessin

    Lovely ! Lovely sketch and lovely Malus 😀

  8. Beautiful Violet-we have them in blue and a pinkish-purple here-and Malus, your toy looks absolutely delightful 🙂

  9. Great weekend my friend:-) x

  10. Beautiful morning glory. Malus looks like he is enjoying his new toy.

  11. camilla wells paynter

    My favorites!

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